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logo design and branding
Clear And visionary Logo Design and Branding

Total Brand Design ensure that the brief for brand and creative strategy is followed and then enormous insight and value added on top of this. Great creative and strategic direction comes from partnering with an agency that understands your identity and potential to be more than what you already are.

We dedicate ourselves to uncovering the full potential of your business, who you are and your ambitions. Then we map a clear direction, visual identity and positioning, closely collaborating with

the stakeholders and key influencers who will help to bring the revitalised brand to life.

No matter your advertising or branding logo design goals, we are the brand design specialists Sydney turns towards for innovative solutions.

Visual Identity

Your logo is your money-maker, or it’s nothing

A crucial part of any brand revamp is rethinking graphic logo design. This is an essential part of the formula, whether you are a nascent brand on the rise or a well-known organisation in much need of some branding TLC.

No matter if you’re a start-up with a few passionate souls on board, or a multinational organisation, we still offer the same tailored

and robust approach to brand identity design. We strive for high quality brand solutions, brand strategy and client engagement.

Your logo should be a succinct and elegant definition of who you are and what you stand for. Total Brand Design can help.