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illustration and packaging
Fascination for illustration is hardcoded into our brains

Since Homo Sapiens begun painting in caves in Archaic times, we’ve been captivated by the storytelling capabilities of illustration. Although illustration is arguably more sophisticated nowadays, our caveman minds haven’t changed all that much.
Total Brand Design and illustration Sydney only use the best designers and illustrators for our work. We see the captivating potential of illustration and design for creating memorable stories. We believe in capturing and distilling the essence of experimental and daring design and making a powerful statement on behalf of our clients.


Infographics offer the shortest route to audience understanding

Infographics are a simple and powerful way to convey complex information. They can tell a compelling and beautiful brand story that is instantly comprehended by the audience.
Total Graphic Design understand how to apply the right mix of aesthetic elements to make your infographics interesting, appealing and informative. We know how to select and promote the right visual information that will tell your brand story.


Packaging that packs a wallop

Your audience judges books by their covers and the quality of your product by your packaging. So you need design street-cred and branding knowledge that will work in the retail sector.
You need to have the right support to get you onto the top shelf, above the rabble. Make sure you’re heard loud and clear with packaging design from Total Graphic Design.