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Why your business should consider vehicle wrap advertising Posted by Kerrie Brooks

Using your vehicle to advertise your business may not be groundbreaking marketing, but it can be an effective way to promote your company, especially if you’re targeting a local audience.

Whether you’re a removal company, a dental clinic, a fitness instructor or an accounting firm, well-designed vehicle wrap advertising can increase your brand awareness and generate leads every time you’re on the road, and even when you’re parked.

Basically, it turns your vehicle into your own private mobile billboard.


What exactly is a vehicle wrap?

If you’re not familiar with the technicalities of a vehicle wrap, it’s a hardwearing printed vinyl which is first designed on screen and then scaled up and installed onto the exterior of a vehicle. Vehicle wraps can cover the whole vehicle or just a part of it and are easy to remove and change without any damage to the paintwork.

Pros of vehicle wrap advertising

While vehicle wrap advertising shouldn’t be your sole marketing tactic, there are some pretty compelling reasons why it works and is a worthwhile investment.

  • Gets noticed – because a wrapped vehicle isn’t the norm, it instantly attracts attention in  the sea of non-branded vehicles out on the road – and even gets noticed subconsciously.
  • Wide audience reach – when your vehicle is on the move, it has the potential to be seen by thousands of potential new customers – gaining 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily (OAAA).
  • Cost effective – compared to other forms of advertising – TV, radio, billboard – it offers a very low cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Plus for a one-off payment of around a couple of thousand dollars, you get up to 5 years continuous advertising.
  • Breeds familiarity – if people are constantly seeing your vehicle when they’re out and about they’ll become more familiar with your brand and, in turn, be more likely to buy from you.
  • Visibility away from a screen – it allows you to target potential customers even when they’re away from their TV, phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Looks professional – a branded vehicle can help legitimise your business, making you appear a lower risk option to potential customers.
  • Non-intrusive – unlike radio, TV or digital adverts, vehicle wraps don’t rudely interrupt their audience. This means people may be more receptive to the message.
  • Damage protection – on a practical level a vehicle wrap can protect your vehicle from minor dents and scratches helping it maintain a higher re-sale value.

Vehicle wraps certainly offer a lot of benefits, but as with any marketing tool, they aren’t perfect. One of the biggest cons is that there is no clearly defined way to track how they are performing. In addition, while they’re cost effective the initial outlay may not be affordable, plus they’re not immune to wear and tear.

Vehicle wrap design tips

If you do decide vehicle advertising is a good option for your business, great design is vital if you want your wrap to work hard. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself options online, it’s worth investing in a professional designer who will guarantee the dimensions and help you get the design right.

Here are some vehicle wrap advertising best practices to follow:

  • Start with a great brand – don’t spend money on a vehicle wrap if your business doesn’t have a strong brand identity and logo. Rebrand first then wrap, you’ll get a better result.

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  • Use bold colours – bland will just blend in, so ensure you use colours that will get you noticed on the road – but be sure to keep the choices on brand.
  • Don’t overcrowd your design – when it comes to design, simple beats crowded hands-down. Use minimal elements and avoid fussy details, patterns and images.
  • Keep copy to a minimum – your vehicle wrap isn’t the place for long lines of text or bulleted lists. Stick to a tagline message, web address and phone number.
  • Create immediate impact – people on the road or out and about will typically glance at your vehicle for only a few seconds so ensure your message is clear and obvious.

While results aren’t always immediate, or easy to measure, vehicle wrap advertising is a cost effective investment and offers a tried and tested way to target potential customers that your competitors may not have considered.