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Four tips for designing an on-brand business card Posted by Admin

A well designed business card can be the difference between winning new clients and being overlooked in favour of a more strikingly designed business card.

Although a business card doesn’t maketh the business, it certainly does add to that positive first impression at an initial business meeting or encounter with new stakeholders. Here are some important things to remember that are too often overlooked during the business card design process.

yellow metal design decoration

Five things to be vigilant about:

1. Inferior paper weight

Light weight card stock used in a business card equates to a lightweight or cheap approach to how you do business. It’s a good idea to get a test proof done by a reputable printer so that you can touch, feel and see the difference between the different weights of paper.

2. Quaint clip art

Avoid any old style graphics from old Windows packages, as these could give off the message that your business is the 1990’s version.

3. Odd or incongruous typography

Typography on business cards should be well aligned and complementary to the rest of your branding. Also you should use the same type and size as the rest of your marketing collateral. Remember that creating business cards with graphics at odds with the rest of your stationery is going to send mixed messages to potential clients and stakeholders.

incongruous typography

4. Double check your artwork and copy

Ensure that a copywriter or proof-reader views the final artwork before it goes to print. There’s nothing worse than printing hundreds of business cards only to discover that there’s a typo in the email address or street address.

Instead use good design principles

When it comes to designing business cards you should ensure that you follow these good design principles:

  • Work with graphic images that are at least 300 dpi for optimal image quality.
  • Design in CMYK so that the colours come out at a much higher quality.
  • Ensure that the copy is at least 5mm from the trim edge.
  • Ensure that the typography is big enough and in a contrasting colour so that it’s visible on the business card. This is where you need the help of an experienced designer like Total Graphic Design.

Use special finishes on your business card

Special finishes will add a certain pizzazz and uniqueness to your business card. This will set your business apart from others. Special finishes include spot UV effects, metallic inks and foil blocking.

Cut into your card

Treating business cards like origami or tiny pieces of art has become fashionable in the graphic design world. Think outside of the box and create die cuts in business cards to create a playful point of interest.

quilling hires

Use unorthodox materials

Printing on recycled materials is a funky way to show your point of difference from competitors. Depending on your industry you may want to adopt this trend, as it will certainly make your business card shine above all others.

For a completely unique and striking business card design, look no further than Total Graphic Design. We’ve been creating bespoke business cards for companies for close on a decade, with no plans to slow down.