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web design & digital marketing solutions
Custom web design that’s more than a shopping list

Customised website design involves more than simply ticking all of the relevant boxes. Yes we create responsive websites that look unbelievable on mobile, tablet and PC screens. Yes we create websites with flair, razzle-dazzle and all of the technical finesse that you expect.

More importantly though, we create unique websites that get right to heart of who you’re trying to reach. Brand strategy is paramount to everything we do.

From a visitor’s very first interaction with your brand, your website needs to offer value, purpose, intuitive navigation and design along with top notch SEO optimised design and copy.

Trail blaze in your industry with a dynamite digital presence and roadmap for success, choose the best web design company Sydney has to offer – Total Graphic Design.

Ecommerce Design

Beautiful interface framework drive ecommerce

Total Brand Design is all about building eCommerce sites with UX and UI best practice in place. Our projects are led by technical specialists with many years of experience in creating the right frameworks and interfaces. The customer journey and customer experience are paramount to design of an exceptional shopping website.
It’s not simply a case of: ‘If we build it – they will come’. After the design and website development phase.
Total Brand Design offer Marketing support, project management and personalised account management ensure that your brand is fully supported throughout the entire project.Custom ecommerce website design from Total Brand Design will help you to drive sales, revenue and profit.


Begin building with the internet oldest tool

Email has been around for decades and yet despite the naysayers it’s not going anywhere. When it’s done properly email can be a cost-effective tool for capturing data on leads. When used in association with compelling content, email can be a masterful and elegant way to build a loyal customer following.
Total Brand Design fully grasp the importance of e-newsletters design and marketing. We can help you to create all aspects of an email marketing campaign.From eye-catching illustrations, on-brand e-commerce newsletters, distribution and tracking codes that capture copious amounts of customer data.


Expedite your online visibility with an SEM campaign

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions should balance a high level of online visibility with being easy on the hip pocket.

Total Graphic Design promises you cost-effective and robust standards for your SEM and pay per click advertising.

Leon Fernandes is our Google Adwords Certified PPC specialist. He has impressive experience in planning, managing and measuring pay per click advertising campaigns.

Our fully integrated creative agency can also provide 360° design and copy support for your PPC campaign.


Trigger global conversations with a beefed up social media strategy

Social media strategy should be a key part of your company’s overall marketing mix. When social media is planned, executed and measured properly it can be your most powerful and cost-effective communications tool.
Sync your business strategy, branding and traditional marketing efforts with social media across web and mobile.
Total Graphic Design can create and manage a complete social media strategy for you.

Leverage your brand to get the most traction with influencers on social media. The global conversation is yours for the taking